Online Course Development

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My most recent course in the Digital Learning and Leading program that my cohort is rapidly moving through has us developing online courses in a Learning Management System. The online course that I am developing coincides with my Innovation Plan, which involves using new technology to create virtual work site tours for Career and Technical Education students. In the course, I take the learner through the process of creating a virtual tour Please take a look at my Schoology online course. You can register as a student and take the course here. When prompted, use access code: 3736-V4ZX-6F46Q. I’d love to receive your feedback in the comments.

Online Course Transformations

I work in the Career and Technical Education department in the district office. Our department creates many professional development sessions for CTE instructors. Two PD courses that stand out to me as having great potential of being effective in an online setting are CTE 101 and CTSOs and Work-based Learning.

These professional development CTE courses have several objectives:

  • Getting teachers to understand the importance of career exploration before students are thrust into the world without having given any focused thought to the matter. “Careers by Choice, not Chance,” as a colleague of mine likes to call it.
  • Reviewing instructional best practices—particularly important for new teachers who have great industry experience but often little to no classroom experience
  • Safety and Classroom Management
  • Earning Industry-Based Certifications.
  • Compliance Issues—Because CTE is a federally funded program, there are compliance issues all teachers and administrators need to be aware of, i.e. seat time requirements, and teacher certification.
  • What is a recognized Career and Technical Student Organization, and how does one sponsor a chapter on a campus?
  • Work-Based Learning (WBL) has the potential to transform students’ lives by allowing them to see, first-hand, what work in a particular industry involves. There are many rules and regulations that govern WBL.

Learning around all these issues and others are well suited to be delivered in an online format.



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