Bringing Job Sites to the CTE Classroom: A Professional Learning Strategy

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Implementing my innovation plan, which is centered around creating a library of virtual field trips to career job sites, is an idea that has the potential to enhance career and technical education immensely in my district. The plan involves using 360°-photography and virtual reality technology to allow students to virtually “visit” work sites that might be too costly or unsafe or impractical to visit in real life. Creating such a library will require extensive collaboration and training to make this endeavor a success. Compiled on this page are the strategies and resources I will execute and use to bring virtual job sites into the CTE classrooms, shops, labs, clinics, and culinary kitchens throughout my district.

Prior to embarking on any significant change initiative, it is important to know and get the learners you hope to impact tuned in to their “why.” My why and the reason I hope to influence my learners is: Well prepared career and technical education students are crucial to tomorrow’s workforce. Read more about my motivation for developing this professional learning plan here.

Effective professional learning doesn’t just happen with a good idea and good intentions. If this were the case, I believe most educators would be successful. Constructive PL requires careful planning and attention to the researched methods that have been shown to move the needle when implementing new initiatives. You can read more about the Five Principles of Professional Development here, but briefly, they involve: PL of a significant duration, ample support during implementation, active participation, modeling, and being audience-specific.

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