About Me

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Howdy! My name is Drew Thurman. I’m a native of Houston, TX, and I still call this fair city home. In my free time, I enjoy running (when it’s not too hot); fiddling in my yard gardening and landscaping (when it’s not too hot); reading (although I’m becoming an audio book listener more and more); and hanging out with my amazing family. I have worked in the Houston Independent School District for the past 25 years in several capacities: as a high school English teacher, a campus-based technologist, and currently, as a manager in the Career and Technical Education department. My work in CTE focuses on preparing students for the world of work following their secondary and post-secondary education. I have recently returned to college to pursue a masters degree in Digital Learning and Leading at Lamar University. This is my first formal venture back into my personal education in 25 years. I marvel at opportunities new technologies provide to enhance teaching and learning. I want to explore and build up a repository of digital tools that aid in the personalization of learning. The blog you are reading now is my effort to synthesize the learning I experience, the ideas I formulate, and the resources I explore throughout this process.