Innovation Plan Revisited


The assigned readings from this course, 5314, Digital Learning in Local and Global Contexts, which examined technology integration initiatives, combined with my own research of virtual reality in the classroom, have led me to conclude that, in some instances, I was on the right track with my Innovation Plan, but I must do some retooling  in certain areas if I want it to be successful. Having studied the experiences of others will undoubtedly aid me in the implementation of my plan.

I think I have always been clear about my why—preparing students for high-skill, high-wage and high-demand occupations within the career and technical education programs throughout my district. I learned by reading many of the case studies that being cognizant and in sync with one’s mission is critical if one’s plan is to be a success.

I also feel as though I have a clear vision of what successful implementation looks like in my district: Specific career clusters will create and be able to use the virtual environments that they and their colleagues create. The result will be an online repository of these virtual environments that students across the district will be able to access.

My innovation plan needs to be reworked to provide more guidance on the technical aspects of creating these virtual environment experiences. For example, my innovation plan does not adequately explain or provide opportunities for end users to understand the interface and navigational designs of a virtual environment. Furthermore, my research has informed me that technical quality in such aspects as image clarity, pan, zoom, and the stitching of multiple images are enormously important to creating a believable environment (Ausburn 2019).

When embarking on an innovation plan, it is not enough to justify it by stating that it incorporates cutting-edge technology. Rather, it is critical that the justification for such a plan be backed up by research and best practices. The case studies presented in this course provided the insight into the types of questions I should be asking and the pitfalls to avoid during my implementation.


Literature Review

Innovation Plan

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