Annotated Prospective Resource List

scholarly resources

Hedberg, J. & Alexander, S. (2006). Virtual Reality in Education: Defining Researchable Issues. Educational Media International, 31:4, 214-220, DOI: 10.1080/0952398940310402

This paper discusses educational outcomes and the efficacy of VR for the design of modern learning environments. It also seeks to link current beliefs about learning with the need to experience a world in which the pedagogical assumptions can be embedded into the objects, contexts and relationships from which the user might derive further complex concepts.


Youngblut, C. (1998). Educational Uses of Virtual Reality Technology. Defense Technical Education Center

This document reviews current efforts that are developing, evaluating, or using VR technology in education. It builds a picture of the states of the art and practice, and reviews some of the critical questions that are being addressed.


Bower, M. Howe, C., McCredie, N., Robinson, A. & Grover, D. (2014). Augmented Reality in education – cases, places and potentials,Educational Media International, 51:1, 1-15, DOI: 10.1080/09523987.2014.889400

This paper reviews uses of Augmented Reality both in mainstream society and in education, and discuss the pedagogical potentials afforded by the technology.

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