Why ePortfolios?

eportfolioMy motivation for initiating and sustaining an ePortfolio is to synthesize and share my learning with a wider audience as I move through the Digital Learning and Leading masters program. I am not in a position currently in which I could use ePortfolios with students, but I see tremendous value in building one to guide my learning. I hope that by doing so I can fulfill all the tenants numerated in the Minimalist Fundamentals of ePortfolios.

The stated objectives for EDLD 5303 demonstrates that the designers of this masters program don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. Through ePortfolios, learners are given choice, the ability to have ownership and voice in their learning, and the opportunity to do this with authentic learning experiences. By giving me time to reflect upon, edit, and even reimagine the ePortfolio that I hastily put together at the end of 5302, the leaders of this program are demonstrating that they are not interested in simply creating an assignment and grading a submission. With time (or lack thereof) being the highest determinative factor for abandoning an ePortfolio, they are affording the time and providing the framework for me to truly make the ePortfolio mine.

From reading the articles and viewing the videos in this week’s resources, several ideas stood out to me that fully support ePortfolios in a COVA model. For one, ePortfolios accentuate the constructivist theory “that people learn by making connections to what they already know” (Harapnuik). If this is the case, which I can vouch for from personal experience of using KWL charts in my classrooms in the past, what better venue for presenting your learning then revising or adding to it in an ePortfolio?

I also had a bit of a “wow” moment as I learned about the Domain of One’s Own. The choice, ownership and voice cannot be limited to the means by which learning is presented; students must own the very ideas they are presenting.


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